Bellavista Estate Sauvignon Blanc


Sauvignon Blanc, an enigmatic grape, has encountered a partner in the Campanha Gaúcha Terroir . This wine is inspired by the exceptional results achieved in New Zealand, carrying its own personality and exuberance.

Region: Campanha Gaúcha/RS

Varieties: Sauvignon Blanc


Selection of bunches on table separator;

Full destemming without crushing;

Peculiar maceration on pneumatic press at 8°C for 12 hours with protection from dry ice;

Press in reducing space with 50% performance in must;

Natural must clarification for 24 hours;

Alcoholic leavening at controlled temperature of 12°C in stainless steel tank;

Conservation in steel tanks with fine sludge and without malolactic leavening;

Tartaric stabilization at a negative temperature followed by filtration and bottling.


Visual Analysis:
Light yellow color with greenish reflections.

Scent Analysis:
Presents high intensity and aromatic typicality. Amongst its aromatic standards, tomato leaf, asparagus, guava and tropical fruits stand out.

Taste Analysis:
Refreshing, young, elegant and persistent wine with good acidity.

Service and Harmonization

Sides light and fresh dishes such as salads, mousselines, carpaccio, fish and seafood, besides vegetables and exotic roots such as pupunha, yam and artichoke.

Serving temperature: 8°C a 10°C.

Recommended glass: white wine


Region: Campanha Gaúcha – RS

Soil: Sandy clay loam with plain topography

Climate: Warm and sub humid

Variety: Sauvignon Blanc

Harvest: Manual and selective

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